Rupert - Essence Of Milk [May 2003]

  artist title label
1. DJ Miyoshi Project On Two Turntables (Mr Bishi Mix) Recharge
2. Saddam + Satan Don't Stop Bitch Stormtrax
3. Scoop Drop It Enriched
4. Yukan Project It Starts Hard Again (Knuckleheads Mix) Tripoli
5. Chopper Here Comes The Music (unitdy Dub) Codeblue
6. Jason Nawty It's Showtime 12" Thumpers
7. Todd Tobias Getup Feersum
8. D-Generate Move 2 Dis 12" Thumpers
9. Trauma vs UK Gold Don't Stop Tidy
10. Beat Reality Get Hooked (Knuckleheads Mix) Y2K
11. Supreme DJs The Noize Supreme
12. F1 Cuz I'm Rockin' 2003 Tripoli
13. Skin Thieves 2 The A.M. 12" Thumpers
14. Justin Bourne Strapped In (Original Mix) Recharge
15. Phlash! Feat Steve Hill Get a Life [Frantic Theme](Nu Renegades Mix) Tripoli
16. Committee Welcome (Paul Janes Remix) Tidy
17. Unknown The Arsonist  

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