Due to the closure of Milk, Milky membership is now closed - I guess that means you'll have to put up with a national ID card...

Why not join us and become a Milky member? You get a personalised membership card with your picture on it. It's even got your name on it too, handy for those moments when you forget who you are.

Importantly, we're deep in discussions with the Home Office to see whether possession of a Milk membership will exempt you from needing a national ID card if they become compulsory. In the unlikely event that these negotiations fail, we'd like to point out that Milk membership is much more fun and unlike when getting a Blunkett special we give you:

  • A free Milk mix CD of your choice
  • Priority discount entry to all our events
  • Discounted entry to selected other parties

All this will cost you just £10 per year. You can only join at one of our parties. Ooh, and we'll need a photo of you for the card; we can take one of you there and then or if you think you might look a bit too messy at that time of the morning and you've already got one you'd like us to use, you can bring it along with you or email it to us at

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