Summer cruise 2020

Got it!

Jose managed to drop his phone over the side of Odyssey earlier today when we were getting into the dinghy so we assumed it was lost forever. When we got back on board it was low tide with the depth down to 3.5 metres so I thought I’d have a go at finding it.

After many fruitless attempts at diving down and searching the bottom I was about to give up as my limbs were going numb in the less than tropical harbour water when I saw something glinting on a sandy patch and grabbed it. How lucky is that!

So the big question is can an iPhone 11 survive 5 hours in several metres of seawater? It still seems to be alive so we’re soaking it in fresh water for a bit and will then turn it off and leave it to dry out overnight. Fingers crossed!

Update: amazingly it turned out to be just fine.

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