After all the exertion of Saturday I decided I needed a break so spent the entire day on the beach topping up my tan. I can safely say I’ve never tripped over a dead turtle before, at least until today as there was one half buried at the high water mark which was a little sad. Apparently it’s egg-laying time at the moment here and every night the turtles come up to dig holes in the beach, not realising that the next day they’ll be trampled by billions of sun-worshippers. Luckily some nice people in uniforms come along very early every morning, dig up all the eggs, and move them to a safely fenced-off area of the beach so they can hatch in peace.

Having charged up my batteries in the sun I ventured out after night-fall and made my way to the local disco for a popular Sunday evening tea dance called Babylon at the Voodoo Lounge, where I was delighted to find them serving a free buffet of salad, cheese, nibbles, and fruit. Fab! We used to serve fruit at Milk (the morning party I ran in London for three years), but it’s not something you see very often so I was well happy.

The club had two rooms, with funky uplifting house on the main floor and camp disco in the second room, interspersed by silly contests like ‘Britney vs Madonna’ or ‘Best Ass In The House’, compered by a drag queen who kept pulling poor unsuspecting victims off the dancefloor to take part before they had a chance to struggle. The best reception of the night went to a guy doing a Madonna impression who suddenly whipped his pants off and did cartwheels over the stage before scampering off into the crowd naked! All good clean fun, and it kept me occupied till 11 or so but I’m afraid it all got a bit hazy by that stage 😉

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