Perfect weekend

Saturday was the ideal day for me with a combination of boats, beaches and clubs. I spent the morning working on Odyssey, finishing up some of the DC circuitry and making lists of other stuff to do. When it started to heat up around 2pm I hit the beach, where I stayed until 6. Home for a quick shower and some food, then I tried to sleep for a couple of hours, but not very successfully. Up again at 10ish, watched TV for a bit, then hopped in a cab to the Coliseum, the biggest and best gay club here in Fort Lauderdale where I danced around my handbag until dawn.

Sunday was pretty relaxing as I decided to have nothing whatsoever to do with boats. I slept all morning, lay on the beach all afternoon, and dragged my handbag into town for an evening session at the Voodoo Lounge. Good house music, plenty of beer, and pretty dancers on the bar kept me occupied well into the night.

Thus passed another weekend!

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