In mourning :-(

I forgot to mention in my last entry that today I became an evil murderer on a rampage of death and destruction. You may remember that I’d never tripped over a dead turtle till the other day, and I’d never run over an iguana either. Well, sadly all that ended for ever today.

I was driving along Las Olas Boulevard quite happily minding my own business and humming along to some jaunty trance on the iPod when all of a sudden a green lizardy thing scampered out from the verge. It was big, probably about 2 feet long, and the last thing I saw before it disappeared beneath my bonnet was it’s sad little lizardy face looking up at me as if to say “Oi, what’s this big square white thing with a fool in it coming straight at me?”…

Stamp on brakes.





Oh no! The iguana appears to lost one of it’s dimensions, and it’s all my fault. I was devastated and as a good vegetarian I asked myself whether the politically correct thing would be to scrape it up off the road and eat it out of respect. But I’m not into roadkill so after a moment’s brief mourning I turned up the stereo and headed for the beach.

Farewell Mr Iguana, may your tongue be flicking in some happier place now.

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