Another cause for celebration

It works! My little Java program can now send an entry directly to this blog without me having to use a web browser or login to the blog. As long as I have an internet connection then I should be able to update it, so this should work using my satellite phone from anywhere in the world.

It’s only the beginning though as I need to see if I can connect via my phone, and then I need to build in the position-reporting functionality which will show my current position on a world map. Once that’s working then I can start writing a smart GUI for it, but that’s not necessary right now. One of my managers once accused me of building a Gothic staircase when a ladder would have sufficed, so I now try the KISS approach first, then gradually improve on it in an eco-friendly organic kind of way.

But enough of this geek nonsense, now that I’ve met my first programming milestone in months it’s time for supper (rice & beans as it’s Friday), then I intend to celebrate in my customary way 😉

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