Reg arrives in Florida

Yesterday (Friday) Reg arrived from London and seems to be settling into the easy pace of life here in Fort Lauderdale just as quickly as I did, all of a month ago now. We didn’t do much last night apart from stroll along Las Olas Boulevard looking for somewhere to eat, then paid a quick visit to the Cathode Ray bar.

This morning we had a bit of a nearly day – I nearly bought a Mac PowerBook, Reg nearly bought a Mac Mini, and then nearly lost his newly-bought t-shirt and socks! We also nearly didn’t finish our enormous salads for lunch, and nearly didn’t make it to the beach. However, all was not lost and we’re now relaxing by the pool back at the apartment, finishing off a box of rather strange chilled red wine before heading off to find a veggie restaurant.

It’s our last night in Fort Lauderdale and we plan to finish it in the biggest local gay club, The Coliseum, so stay tuned for our report tomorrow!

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