Atlantic Odyssey

Today Reg & I headed back to Fort Lauderdale for the big day – the sea trial and survey of the good ship Odyssey, which looks as though it may well be my next yacht. First she was hauled out in the yard to have the hull checked, and all was fine apart from some blisters on the keel which are to be expected in a fibreglass boat of this age, and are of no immediate concern.

Once back in the water we wound our way along the canals to the main harbour, where we raised the sails in front of what appeared to be most of the US Navy. They’re in town for a big air & sea show next week and got a little nervous at our somewhat erratic progress in their general direction so the Harbour Master whizzed over in his launch to shoo us away.

Heading out for the sea trial

Safely out at sea we found a good stiff breeze and calm seas which was perfect. The boat is big but handles well, shouldering her way through the gentle Atlantic swells as though they weren’t there. We tacked a couple of times which was interesting, particularly as the mizzen sheet was set up wrong, but it all worked out fine in the end.

After a couple of hours of putting her through her paces we headed back to port to send the surveyor up the mast. It’s all over now, and we’re on our way to Key West for a couple of days and are awaiting the final survey, but it seems that all is well and with a bit of luck and a following wind I should have my new boat within a couple of weeks 🙂

Right, time to go as we’ve got a plane to catch!

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