Could this be it?

This afternoon Tony made the final adjustments to the rigging, stepped back and looked aloft for a minute or two, and finally declared that I’m all set to go. I can’t quite believe it after all these weeks of effort, delay and frustration but as I hunted around for something the yard had missed I have to admit it does indeed all look shipshape.

Brad, the yard manager, came aboard to take a look around and seemed satisfied with what he saw. He’s even offered to have Odyssey washed and cleaned on the house which is jolly decent of him.

I guess it’s all down to me now, and tomorrow I plan to take her out for a spin to check that everything is working as it should. It’ll be only the second time I’ve sailed her, and my first solo trip, so I’m really looking forward to it although I must admit to a little apprehension. The New River from the yard to the sea is very narrow and winding, and lined with rather expensive-looking boats, so I’ll take it nice and slow, at least till I get the hang of it. Then I’ll put my foot down and see what she can do!

Right, time for bed now, although I’m tempted to take a little wander round to that jacuzzi first… 😉

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